Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

What is School-Up?
School-Up is the first app that reduces back-to-school shopping stress for parents and teachers. You can get the whole process done from anywhere any time on your phone, with only a few clicks. (Why go to crowded stores when you can have everything delivered right to your door?)
What are the benefits?
School-Up significantly reduces back-to-school shopping time. View all lists by all your teachers in one place and then order the entire list online with Amazon, Walmart or BestBuy, or just use it as a traditional shopping list as you go store to store to hunt for deals. Plus, get updates from teachers during the school year. Last but not least, we are helping teachers pay for their classroom supplies by sending our referral fees back to them to they can spend them on your kids.
How does it work?
A teacher creates a back to school supply list for the class in the School-Up app. Once set up, the teacher can easily notify the parents about the new supply list being available, plus a note for the parent to download the app as well. Parents can view, share the teacher’s list with other parents and then either online order directly from within the app and get the items shipped to the doorstep or use the app to purchase the items one-by-one in a local retail store and mark any purchased item accordingly, until the whole lists is done.
Can I save my list for future shopping?
Yes, you can save all your lists in the account and use any of the lists next time you shop.
What mobile operating system is currently supported?
The app is currently only available as an iOS version, but we are working on an Android version as well!
At which online retailers can I place my School-Up order?
We currently have integrated Amazon, Walmart and BestBuy APIs into the search and shopping features of School-Up and are working on adding more online retailers to the list. Alternatively, you can just use it as a traditional shopping list as you go store to store to hunt for deals.

Teacher FAQ's

Why should I use School-Up?
By downloading the app creating an account, it will not only save you time and make your communication with parents easier. Both teachers and parents have access to their lists anywhere any time.
Can teachers from any type of school or grade create a list?
Yes. K-12 teachers from public, charter, private, parochial or summer schools can create and share school lists built in School-Up.
How do I sign up for School-Up?
Just download the School-Up app and take a minute to set up your account. From there you can create, edit and share your back to school shopping lists with your parents & students from anywhere, any time. It’s that simple!
Can I notify parents that I have created a School List?
Yes. Simply enter parent’s email addresses for each class in your account and notify them about the new back to school list (and the School-Up app) being available.
Can I edit an existing List?
Yes, you can always go back and edit any list or add additional items. Don’t forget to share your updated list with the parents and students, so they know that it has been updated.
Can I delete a List?
Yes. Simply select the "Delete" button on the "Lists" screen and the list will be permanently removed.
Do parents have to purchase their supplies at Amazon, Walmart or BestBuy?
No. Users can simply use the app itself or print any list and shop wherever they choose. Just mark the already purchased items accordingly.
How do I share my list with other teachers?
Just add their email addresses when you send your list to the parents. Or you can send the list separately with a new message to your teacher colleagues.
What to do if I could not find my school?
Please feel free to provide us with details about your school via

Parent FAQ's

Why should I use School-Up?
School-Up significantly reduces the back to school shopping time, by having all items from your teacher’s shopping list in your School-Up account to online order the full list (or individual items) directly from within the app and get them delivered to your doorstep. In addition, you can also just visit your local retail store and have your back to school shopping list handy anywhere any time by pulling up the app. PLUS, help make teaching profession even more rewarding by buying through School-Up. Teachers spend on average $513 a year of their own money on school supplies and School-Up can rebate some of the money back to teachers from retailer commissions.
How do I sign up for School-Up?
It takes a few seconds to sign up. If your kid's teacher is already using School-Up, you will be able to find his or her back-to-school shopping list, once you login to your account. Simply search by name, school, address or ZIP code and select the appropriate list.
How do I find out whether my child's teacher has created a School List in School-Up?
If available, your teacher can send an email with the back-to-school shopping list to you via email. You can also use the app and search by school name, address, ZIP code, to find the respective list. If the teacher doesn't use School-Up yet and no list is available for your school, notify and invite the teacher from within the app.
Can I share the back-to-school shopping list in my account with friends and family?
Yes. You can send the school list to your friends and family through School-Up. You can also share and like our page on Facebook to let them know we exist!