HELP MAKE TEACHING EVEN MORE REWARDING School-Up is the better way to do back to school

It saves parents time and money on all that back to school stuff, with orders filled by Amazon and Walmart for great deals and fast delivery. Plus up to 8% rebate from every order goes to teachers to help pay for classroom supplies.



Teachers School Up because

Teachers Win

Many teachers earn less than $50K a year and still spend their own money on classroom supplies. We want to change that.

School-Up rebates teachers up to 8% when parents buy back to school gear for their kids. Parents save time and money, students are well equipped and teachers get to keep more of their hard earned salary.

Parents School Up because

Parents Win

A typical family spends between 6-12 hours on back to school shopping. School-Up cuts the time to minutes, with the best deals on everything from backpacks to erasers. Make a list for every child and keep tabs on it all.

Plus up to 8% of everything you spend gets rebated to teachers for their class supplies.

Students School Up because

Students Win

Imagine no more last minute trips to the mall! We help families save time and money so everybody benefits. Great deals mean better equipped, better prepared students. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll even thank you for it…

And whether they do or not, up to 8% of everything you spend is rebated to help teachers pay for class supplies.

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The folks behind School-Up have a background in ethical investing and international aid. They’re also parents, who thought there had to be a better way to do back to school. School-Up is the result. It’s founded on the belief that with technology, integrity and feedback from teachers, schools and parents, we can make back to school season less hassle and more rewarding. School-Up helps parents save time and money while helping teachers by subsidizing class supplies to make sure students are equipped and prepared.

School’s out doesn’t last for ever. It’s time to School-Up!

Time to school-up: